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About Us

Fx Garage is an innovative software and hardware development company. We are composed of creative thinkers and experienced developers.


What We Do.

We are developing software and hardware packages to shape the future of Internet Of Things. Our pillar is the Cloud based platform that stores, analyses and displays the data collected from the LoRa and LoRaWan compatible devices.

Why LoRa?

Low Cost Solution

Lower cost than Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Satellite.

Long Range Coverage

Covers up to 20 km in rural areas.

Extended Battery Life

10+ years with AA battery.

Integrated Security

AES-128 CCM authentication.


Meet our LoRa solutions.

We present you a short description of a few of our LoRa and LoRaWan compatible devices. Please contact us for more details or inquiries.

Web platform

Our cloud based platform is storing the data from the devices, analyses them, displays them to the user and in specific cases even acts according to the settings.

Smart parking

With our smart parking solution you always know the online status of the parking spots.Finding a spot in less time saves gas, lihgtens up traffic in the lot and also helps the environment reducing the pollution.

Air monitor

Air quality is a major stress factor especially in the big cities.Our device is monitoring most important indicators projecting a realtime image of the air quality. Details


From the smart home package we present you the sCube.Just turn it on and you have secured your house, cabin, car with a low-cost device for several years without the worries of battery consumption.

Panic button

We have developed a personal safety button that can be activated in case of emergency and our software package can send the alert to the mobile app, to a sms number, email, our community, even authorities or specialised companies.


In modern times we need a modern agriculture.Our LoRa connected sensors gather data from the field for monitoring humidity, moisture, various chemical components of the soil. The web platform is analyses the data and emits predictions and advices to the user.This way the user is saving fuel, pesticides and why not, the environment.

What They Say About Us.

  • These guys are exactly what the industry needs.

    Author image
    Pavel Valentin-Gabriel CEO, ClearedNet,WA,USA.
  • In this dynamic ecosystem these guys clearly have the potential to reach the top.

    Author image
    Ali Hosseini CEO, SenRa.


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Our helpful Q&A team is always ready to help you reagrding the software or hardware related questions you might have.

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